February Transformations




People ask me all the time if our products are safe for kids, they absolutely are. It’s a win-win- a super convenient, nutrient-dense, delicious superfood shake to give to them for breakfast/ after-school snack and definitely for pre-sporting activities.

All natural, low-glycemic, gluten and soy-free, non-GMO power-packed shake that is great for all ages.

I am so happy that Ethan made a lifestyle change early in his years, getting himself on the right track now so he will not have to pay for it later.

Being an overweight kid is not easy and can be the target of many cruelties. The USA has an immense child obesity epidemic and we as parents need to take responsibility to teach our children about how to live a life filled with balanced nutrition to help us all live long and healthy lives. These products work and are safe so that even young children can consume them. Way to go Ethan! You are definitely an inspiration to many children and adults alike!




Meet beautiful Luz who rocked her resolution.

“I can't begin to describe how HAPPY I am with my system. Two months in and 30 pounds down! As a woman that suffers from PCOS and gains weight with just looking at a piece chocolate (hahaha) this program has been life changing! I'm so thankful for those in my corner! Especially my better half who has been so supportive. Keep pushing on!”




Meet Shawn Poole. 6 mos after he started his program he’s a new man.

“If you feel your progress has slowed...take a picture and compare...they don't lie! “

I say document everything with my clients because pictures don’t lie. Well done my friend!




Celebrating Allison: "I am a MOTHER of FIVE, 54 years old and employed FULL TIME. I hate the gym, I tore my meniscus attempting to exercise  ....Previously I felt tired, my skin lacked luster, I had some health issues related to weight gain, I couldn't wear heels for the last 8 years. When I was introduced to nutritional cleansing I was skeptical at first because I tried other systems and didn't get the results I wanted in the time I wanted.

Low and behold by July, people were already noticing my dramatic weight loss and were telling me I looked 20 years younger. I have released 40 lbs and over 50 + inches, gained some self-esteem back, and I can use a regular bath towel around my body.

It's the small things... I'll take that. I have not looked back.”



Joy & Michael

Joy and Michael lost 37 pounds collectively together and earn $20,000 so far by sharing what they are doing plus the opportunity with others. “In our before picture we were counting macros, exercising 5 to 6 days a week and binging when we did not eat offer plant… The deprivation mindset was not serving us. We were not seeing the results we wanted to see in our bodies. I was struggling with anxiety and my husband was dealing with fatigue and G.I. upset constantly.

In our after picture, we are happier and healthier than we’ve ever been! Eight months on this nutrition in a lifetime to go! Our body fat is the lowest it’s ever been and what has changed? Our nutrition and the fact that we have cut some gym time!

We are going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week but feel so much better as we were bodies. This program has changed her mindset and fits perfectly into her lifestyle. Feeling so grateful!“


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