No carbs is not the Answer

Nothing is more challenging as a licensed Holistic Health Coach then hearing people tell me they’re going to cut out carbs completely… Not only is that RIDICULOUS  and no way to live...BUT not necessary ...people need to be educated about the real facts.There is an overwhelming amount of (mis)information and everyone is trying to sell you something. There are many facets to food (glycemic index, micronutrients, macronutrients, inflammation, acidity/alkalinity, bioavailability, forms of processing, etc.) that aren’t as widely talked about but are vital to your long-term health.


Which is why it’s taken me years of personal experimentation and research to figure out what works (and consequently what doesn’t) and why.


Here’s where we go very wrong:  


1. Eliminating macronutrients (eating fat free, no carb, etc).

2. Eating refined/fake sugars daily (soda, cakes, pastries, white bread, etc.).

3. Consuming food processed for massive consumption and not for nutrition (potato chips, cheap meats, fast food, etc).

4. Food sources being treated with hormones and routine antibiotics for greater yield

5. Crop varietals chosen for mass production (sometimes with higher sugar content because it’s the modern American palate) and not for nutritional value.  The old, wild varieties had way more nutrition

6. Crops sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (so they can avoid mold/rotting/bugs) and then sold for direct human consumption OR sold as feed for animals that humans then consume (you are what you eat AND you are what your food eats)

7. Overcrowding & raising animals in stressful, unsanitary environments (however, contrary to to the propaganda, there are farms with integrity and high ethics that exist.  Find them and support them)

8. Ignoring micronutrients at the expense of “counting macros.”  I want to start a campaign for hitting micros!  I use the Wholesome app to keep track of my micros

9. Chemicals being dumped into the water supply (I grew up in a town with cancer clusters because a local plant was dumping chemicals).  Check your local water quality and the things found in your water like heavy metals, pesticides, prescription drugs, etc. might appall you

10. Genetic engineering without knowing the resultant inflammatory response in the human body (remember when humans thought asbestos was a good idea?)


These are all things that are contributing to rising obesity, poor nutrition, insulin issues (diabetes), and digestive diseases.


This is just one of the many things SO wrong when people choose to do a fad this or that.  


I teach people how to enjoy a new healthy lifestyle without omitting any food groups and one they can maintain for the long term with legit reverse aging and feeling better than they ever have.


Let’s be honest, I’m not perfect, I love food and love my occasional tequila, it’s about balance ! 


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Alexis Demetroulakos

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