It's really that simple...

A little over 5 years ago, I drank a shake .. loaded with vitamins and nutrients that my body desperately needed and still needs. 
It was NEVER (I repeat NEVER) about the business in the beginning. But something magical happens when you feel good.. people notice and they want what you have. I’ve never had to pretend to be someone’s friend in order for them to try my product. I’ll never ask you to hang out in hopes I can “sell you something”..not my jam.

If I ask you to hang it’s because I either legit like you or you inspire/challenge me in some way to up level myself. But I’ll never EVER apologize for the incredible biz model of network marketing, or  stop talking about these incredible babies.

Here and there I put out an invite. I invite you to try our delish system or I invite you to join our insanely thriving team that has fun 24/7. Last Wednesday I hosted a chill social at my home which is a super great way to learn about the products and see if it’s a fit for you. This Thursday 6/13, I’m co-hosting an event in NYC for people who want to learn more about residual income and are open (closed minds go NOWHERE) to the possibility of making additional income. Every week I am putting the wide-open world of possibilities right out there for the universe.

Yup. Pretty straight forward.
I’m here if you’re ready. 
Nothing more... nothing less...

My wish is that you let this summer be the summer you can chill out with your besties or bae, jump and play with your kiddos 24/7, let this be the one you don’t have to hide under your cover-up. Let this summer be the summer you can afford the vacation of your dreams. Let this summer be the year, you said YES for YOU.

Because on our team we just don’t lock arms...we get down to it and have a blast getting healthy (and wealthy) together.

So yeah, I’m kinda CRAZY grateful I said yes 5+ years ago. Freedom at its finest and limitless forever. Over 10,000 lives CHANGED... and, who’s next?


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Alexis Demetroulakos

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