5 Ways to Get Back on Track After Holiday Binge

1) Just Say NO to Leftovers! 

I know this one is hard, but seriously, DO THIS. Let the holiday end when the holiday ends. Don’t take them home, and if you already did, THROW THEM AWAY. You are not obligated to eat food just because it exists. People say they don’t want to “waste” food, but fat on your body, is the storage of excess, or essentially waste. You can either walk around with the wasted food on your body, or you can waste it in the trash. Only one of those choices helps you feel better, live longer, and reach your goals.


2) Water, Water and More Water. 

Flush the crap out of your system by helping it get back to a normal balance. Skip sugar, soda, alcohol, caffeine, etc and go all in on water for and entire day. You won’t feel a lot better that day, but by the following, you will have done yourself a world of good. Keep it going for 3 days if possible. 

Remember, the normal daily water goal is 1/2 of your body weight in ounces, so shoot for at least that.


3) Workout FIRST Thing. 

Yes, first thing in the morning the next day, get moving. This is not only going to help get your digestion going, but it will put you in a proper mindset for a healthier day. You can plan a family activity, like a hike, pop in a DVD at home, or go for a nice long walk. Do this immediately. Don’t let yourself say you’ll do it later, only to have later, be next week, and then next month, and then January 1st.


4) Put On Your Jeans. 

I know, I know, we live in a leggings world now, jeans are out, stretchy is in. Hear me out though. Do not put on clothes that have tons of give, wiggle room, and comfort, the day after a big food holiday. The reminder that you’re feeling a little bloated, from what you ate the day before, isn’t meant to be torture, but it will help keep you from overdoing your portions, and keeping the poor choices going. When your jeans are snug, there is a lot less incentive to keep the sweets and junk coming, so get up, shower, and get dressed for real.


5) Make Your Meal Plan NOW. 

Get your mind on your regular routine, and goals, right away. The day after, or even before, the holiday, make your meal plan for next week. Have your shopping list ready, keep to your normal shopping, and food prep, schedule. The goal here is to make sure that your goals are top of mind, not something you’ll “deal with later”. If you let the whole weekend get by you, you will start your week unprepared, and that can lead into an even longer stretch of poor choices. 

Getting back on track mentally, is the first step to getting there physically!

Alexis Demetroulakos

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