5 Easy Tips for Eating Healthy on the Weekend

1. Create a Weekend Routine!

It's easier to stay on track during the week days because you have a routine set in place. Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to work, eat your snack, lunch.....you get the point.

But on the weekends, you probably sleep in and just go with the flow instead of following your normal weekday routine. And that's the problem. The inconsistency starts first thing in the morning and it just snowballs through the day.

So this weekend try to follow your weekday schedule a little more. Drink your shake, then make sure you have your 2nd shake, schedule your workout time, then plan ahead for dinner so you can make some healthy choices!

Your weekend routine doesn't have to be exactly the same as your work day but make sure it's something that is easy to stick to!

2. Prepare a Healthy Dessert!

Find a recipe for a healthy dessert that you love then make a big batch and portion it out! That way you can grab a serving when you're feeling the cravings. I love a healthy apple crisp with yummy oats, cinnamon, stevia and also I make a batch of delish protein balls in beginning of the week-kid totally approved! (Notice I said 1 serving )

This is also super helpful when there's tons or treats around but you'll have your healthy dessert to fall back on. 

3. Pick Healthier Options when Eating Out!

Here are the two tips that I always suggest for choosing healthy options when eating out!

First, take a look at the menu online before you go. You can pick a few options so you're not rushed and pick something unhealthy because you're feeling pressured at the restaurant.

Second, don't be afraid to ask questions about how the meal is prepared and what ingredients are used. If you explain that you have certain restrictions, servers are usually very happy to help. I am Sally from "When Harry Met Sally" and it's all good! #ontheside

Picking something healthy wont only help you reach your goals, but help you feel better overall. It's fun to find healthy restaurants in your area to explore!

4. Be Active on the Weekend!

I know laying around on the couch all weekend is super nice some times but I want to encourage you to walk, hike, ride your bike, or get your 30 minute workouts in Saturday and Sunday. Here's one to try!

You may not realize it, but when you sit around and watch Netflix all day you're a lot more likely to be snacking through out the day and that adds up to a lot of unnecessary processed calories!

So not only will some exercise burn calories but it will also make you feel motivated and confident so you save yourself from sitting around and munching all day!

5. Dig Deep into your WHY!

Alexis Demetroulakos

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